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Just Move In will help you move out of your old place and into your new one...

Just Move In will help you setup the following services:

Council Tax - Notifying the local council that you are moving in/out of a property on a specified date, and informing them of any specific circumstances that they may need to be aware of.

Water & Sewerage - Notifying the local water and sewerage companies that you are moving in/out of the property and pass on meter readings if they are available

Gas & Electricity - Most people don’t realise that when a change of occupancy takes place, properties are automatically put on the most expensive energy tariff. Your concierge manager will help you switch onto a more competitive rate, look after the whole process for you, and notify the incumbent suppliers.

Broadband, TV & Phone - The concierge team will help find you the best broadband and media package for you. They have access to all of the big names including Sky and Virgin Media, as well as exclusive deals with other providers, that aren’t available if you go directly to the suppliers. It can take up to three weeks to get your broadband set up, so best to speak to them before you move in.

Home & Contents Insurance -  It's always important to purchase insurance from a reputable broker. If you don’t have cover in place, we can arrange a call with our award-winning brokers who will search from a panel of over 200 insurers and find you the most appropriate policy.

Cleaning - If you’re looking to hire a cleaner to help you keep on top of your cleaning and housekeeping, we'll introduce you to the best ones in your area. Similarly if you are after a one-off deep-clean, we can assist with that.

Bear in mind that you don’t have to use all offered services, you could use just one or two i.e. council tax and utilities. It's entirely up to you.


Personal, efficient, ethical

After a quick call with your dedicated concierge manager, they'll look after the change of occupancy process for essential property services such as council tax, water & sewerage. They'll provide advice and assistance setting up additional services such as broadband, energy, removals, storage, insurance and anything else you might need. Just Move In is also a B Corporation. Find out more here...


How it works

As a LifeWorks member, you don't have to pay a penny to use Just Move In (usually worth £290). We'll help you move-out of your current property and help you get setup in your new one. Once you’ve settled in to your new home, we’re also here to help find any services you need; the very best local tutors, builders or even dog walkers. You'll get exclusive access to post-move service promotions from other partners.