We've put together two sets of Q&A: One for agencies and one for tenants.

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Can you do the COO/COT for all of our properties?

We certainly can. We can set you up so that every submission that comes through to us has the COO managed.

Can you do the COO/COT for our managed properties only?

It is possible to do this, however we have to emphasise that this is dependant on you selecting that a property is managed when submitting it across to us.

Can I submit the properties meter readings for you to pass on to the suppliers? If so, how do I do it and when?

Absolutely. Submitting meter readings is an option that we agree when setting up the account - though this can be changed at any point. We simply ask that you submit the readings across to us via, and we will then make sure that they are included in the Energy COO.

What happens if there are problems with bills?

If we have been involved at any point, then we will certainly take this on and do our very best to get any issues resolved. If the problem stems from before we got involved, then there is generally little we will do - but we will always try our best so always worth asking us.

Do you only use one supplier?

No, absolutely not. We have a broad panel of trusted suppliers that we have vetted. We recommend based on customer service, ethics and price. We never promise to be the cheapest, but we always aim to save people money whilst we put them with a fab supplier.

Do you move properties onto a supplier in the VOID period?

Not as a standard, no. Though it is something that we can do it an agency would like us to do that. We have a couple of suppliers that we work with that can manage this kind of move, and it can be in the interest of the landlord, the agency and the new tenant, however it is not something we openly push.

Is there a platform that we can log in to so that we can see what information is needed and how long things may take?

Our portal will be being released VERY soon. The first stage will be a live view of the submissions, the actions associated with them, your contacts here at Just Move In and the revenue stream - along with some very interesting (and important) statistics. We are very keen to get this portal right, and are of the opinion that this is YOUR portal - so any feedback is always welcomed and will be reviewed by Management.

Do the COO notifications go out at a set time, or is it as soon as information is added?

This depends on the 'Auto COO' status and the Meter Reads status. If the agency is selected to have Auto COO on all properties, then the Water, Sewerage and Council will usually go out two weeks in advance (if possible). The Gas & Electricity COO will go out with this, unless the agency is one that submits meter readings to us; in that case we delay the energy COO for seven working days from the move date, to give the agency time to get the readings across to us. As soon as these come in, we then send off the energy COO. If we reach the seventh day and we have not received the meter readings, then we will send the energy COO without the readings all together.

Are move outs covered as well as move ins, and how does this work?

We can manage move-outs, and do with most of our agencies, but in the short-term as part of the trial, we're only looking after move-ins. If you have a specific agency which wants us to manage move-outs, we can get them setup.


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